Psychosomatic Illnesses

Psychosomatic Illnesses

  • June 11, 2013
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  • Psychosomatic Illnesses

the discovery of Conversion DisorderIn 1985, A 21 year old woman called Anna O. Began released strange symptoms five months after her father became ill. through the day she began experiencing blurry vision and every once in her while she had trouble moving her right arm and her legs. Other symptoms developed. soon, It was difficult for her to speak and she developed mental symptoms and behavioral problems.

Anna’s disposition was altered, She became extremely malnourished thanks to her refusal to eat and drink at times, despite having her hunger and thirst, And she was easily confused and at times delirious. conducted onset of Anna’s symptoms, She was a smart, beautifully healthy woman.

Anna finally contacted Dr. Josef Breuer, Who dealt with one symptom at a time by hypnosis. Each symptom appeared to be traced back to the death of Anna’s father. outcome, The hypothesis that the stress surrounding the death of her father was the cause of her bizarre symptoms.

Sigmund Freud delivered Dr. Breuer’s findings and used his psychoanalytic model to analyze Anna’s condition. the saying “lead marketing sales” Simply wholesale nba jerseys referred to the psychological stress and anxiety that had been converted into physical symptoms.

So precisely what Conversion Disorder?conversion disorder is a psychosomatic illness classified as a somatoform disorder.

The term psychosomatic illness refers to any physical symptoms that originated from the mind and from emotions. as pseudoptosis, The eyebrows are loweredHysterical Aphonia

Aphonia is the loss of a chance to produce sounds (to convey)In true apnonia there is usually abnormality in the movement of the vocal cords and trouble producing any sounds. within just hysterical aphonia, The patient should be able to cough and whisper normally. Their flow of the vocal cords is also normal.

Cause and Risk FactorsThe exact cause of process Disorder is unknown, However you will theories that suggest the primary cause is a stressful event or situation in the patient’s life. usually, The vexing event is physical, over emotional or sexual abuse. The disorder tends to be the effects of an extremely delayed reaction to childhood abuse.

Risk items

an authentic PhenomenonToday, wholesale nfl jerseys Conversion Disorder is still mind boggling to medical and psychiatric specialists. what i’m saying is, look at it. blindness, Paralysis, Comas caused by wholesale football jerseys factors issues. like most psychosomatic and somatoform disorders, Conversion Disorder is particularly difficult to diagnose. This is because the symptoms mimic medical conditions such as: