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We are at your beckon call! It’s what makes us different. We’re a full-time professional company. We prefer to meet with our clients in-person, however, we also know that you lead a busy life and that planning a wedding is quite a feet in itself. So if you want a video conference call or just a phone call we can do that too. To hold your date we retain a very small deposit and an electronic contract agreement.

When should we pay the balance?

The balance is due anytime prior to the event date. You can pay electronically or by mail. If you need other arranges just let us know.

What can we expect for customer service?

The absolute best customer service money can buy. Need we say more?

Actually, yes! We have a full-time person who answers our calls, texts, emails and online messages. We have proprietary technology that will clearly differentiate our customer service. We also believe in providing you with people who have an “Attitude of Service” throughout the planning process and event.

Do you carry insurance?

Multi-Million Dollar Policies to be exact. Plus workers comp and a whole bunch more. Most DON’T.

Our company has multiple insurance policies. Most companies in town are carrying liability insurance. It’s provided through a professional organization like Mavon out of Chicago. We’ve taken our insurance approach past liability and we insure all of our people with not only workers compensation insurance but also commercial auto insurance. We can guarantee that most of our competition does not go the extra mile in protection of you and us. We’ve never had a claim and want you to have peace of mind on this most important day. Why risk dealing with amateurs?

Do you charge for travel?

Not usually. We’re hired regularly in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. Sometimes we ask for hotel accommodations and this would be discussed up front before you sign our contract.

Do you use a contract?

Every single time. It’s a good thing.

We also use a written guarantee. It’s something that differentiates us from the crowd. You know, showing you our commitment to the success of your event. It puts everything on paper and provides everyone involved a warm fuzzy feeling of confidence.

How much do your services cost?

Instead of listing our every single little detail we offer just know we have many capabilities that many others don’t offer. Plain and simple if we don’t offer it you don’t need it. We’ll even customize a package to exceed your dreams. Just ask. Want to learn more?

Do you charge idle time fees?

Most of the time we do not charge for Idle Time Fees. What is that? This is when our services are set-up but not scheduled to be used until later. One common scenario is when we perform our services during your cocktail hour and hold for dinner and start back-up during the rest of your reception. If that is the case with your event you do not have to worry about those fees. We should make sure to discuss further if you believe there might be a different scenario.

Are you the lowest cost in the marketplace?

We are definitely not the cheapest in the marketplace for wedding and corporate photo booth rentals. Why? We have taken the time to deliver a true authentic experience. We understand your wedding is a once in a lifetime event that requires extra thought and planning. That is everything from the timeline to the equipment down the the people who help entertain you and your guests. Anyone can buy this stuff but knowing how to operate it and entertain you at the same time are two different things.

What photo strip formats do you offer?

Our photo strip formats come in multiple formats. Most of our clients pick from the traditional photo strips which has the 4 pictures on top of each other. Many other companies have removed the client’s ability to use a graphic logo at the bottom or top. If that is something you’d like all you have to do is request that.

The other popular format the many love is our 4×6 photostrip. This photostrip has the ability to locate pictures about anywhere. Many of our clients choose to have 3 photos at the top and then a larger photo at the corner in the bottom left or right along with their graphic logo on the opposite side.

Can we bring our own customized props to our event?

It is becoming very popular today for our client’s to integrate their own meaningful props at their weddings and events. Why should you do this? More and more people are finding new ways to become more creative. Whether by blowing up custom pictures and adding sticks to them or creating themed weddings such as a Super Hero theme. Being different is what truly differentiates everyone’s experiences along with having the best absolute vendors who can help your guest experience nothing but the best.

What’s the difference between Timeless Memories Photo Booth(s) & someone cheaper?

Timeless Memories Photo Booth(s) has attended many educational and industry classes to make us experts in what we do. Not only do we have staff members with degrees from technical schools and universities but we also have professionals who specialize in entertainment too. Now that’s experience! Couple this experience with state-of-the-art equipment and that makes us pretty great.

Not enough can be said about commercial photo booth equipment. While many believe the camera is not that important (What?!?! Really?!?!?!), we bring high-end professional grade cameras. Ain’t nobody got time for that Web Cam!  Honey Badger don’t care for that Web Cam so leave it at home. Why risk pixelation? We won’t!

What about your Video Booth, how’s that work?

Guests have the ability to leave fun and / or SERIOUS well-wishes to you in the booth. We have two models one that can be enclosed or one using an open video booth stand system.

Once the message is submitted, we custom edit these messages onto either a DVD or electronic file so that you can cherish these memories forever.

What if we want your services longer than we thought?

That answer is “Astoundingly, Yes!” All you have to do is ask!

What are your payment terms?

We take a small deposit of $50 to reserve your date with a signed electronic contract. The balance is usually paid prior to the event date. However, everyone has different needs so all you have to do is ask or communicate what works best for you. We’ve even done payment plans for many of our clients.