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Mirror Booths

The mirror booth is futuristic, high-tech and trendy. It will add excitement and life to your event or party. The guests stand in front of a 4 ft. by 5 ft. full-length, digital mirror, which acts as a selfie camera. What they see in the mirror is how the photo will look printed.

They just click the countdown timer on the mirror, pose with their friends or family for a single photo or for a four-photo strip, select how many photos to be printed, and just wait seconds for their photos to print. Within minutes guests have cool, unique memories that they’re able to take home as souvenirs.

All the clunky camera equipment and wires are hidden behind the mirror so the viewer just sees the simple, elegant mirror. The printer sits on a small table to the side of the mirror. The hosts also have the option to add curtains around the mirror to make it more private and intimate.


  • How It Works

    Like the classic photo booth and the photo booth stand, the mirror booth uses a high-resolution camera with DSLR technology. We want you to have the highest quality photos to remember your event. The mirror booth also includes a bounty of photos props to get crazy or elaborate with your photos.

    After the photos are snapped, the hosts have the option to let guests sign the mirror. That signature is taken and added to the bottom corner of the photo. Additionally, host can still add their custom-made or business logo to the strip or card. And of course, the host or organizer will coordinate with us to choose a unique backdrop and layout for the photo strip.

  • The Simple Breakdown

    • Full-length selfie mirror
    • 4 ft. by 5 ft. digital mirror
    • Digital signature added to photo
    • Camera equipment hidden behind mirror
    • Different, diverse props included
    • Printer attached to immediately print photos
    • Touch screen to start countdown
    • Unique backdrop created by organizer
    • Customized layout and logo on strip
    • Courteous staff to help
    • Cheapest booth rental prices
    • Service the Madison, Milwaukee, Rockford, & Minneapolis area